Thursday, May 28, 2009

Job Search/Gods Love

Hey there! This is gonna be a quick one. I am at the library right now on a transition pass. In the past two weeks I have had 4 interviews, and the desire of my heart is with the third. Wells Fargo, I pray that I am in Gods will at all times. Condemnation is something that I am struggling with right now. The fact that you know God blesses you with something great and then 30 min later you fall into temptation, and then you feel like you didn't deserve that blessing, or that the option that that blessing present is now gone cause you couldn't make it more than an hour without displeasing God. Thankfully that is not the God I serve! Oh I am in awe of His love and grace. I am memorizing colossians 1:13-23 right now. Read it, it holds so much power and tells me what God thinks about me, and it is a little "get to know Jesus" portion of scriptures. This song has blessed me, and humbled me, and sustained me. Check it out. I pray that you are able to experience that love encounter with God!

I love you all!

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